Many people think that the main reason we yawn is because we’re sleepy.  I do yawn when I’m sleepy and of course first thing in the morning, the picture you see above this is definitely true for me.  I am quite quiet until that first cup of coffee runs through my veins. Another thought about … Continue reading Yawn!

Introduction to 2016

My name is Leigh Ann and I love sharing my thoughts and some things about my life with the world.  I’m currently engrossed in a self imposed challenge to save money enough to buy a house and because my home state is California, I’ve chosen to live in hotels for the next year or so. … Continue reading Introduction to 2016

The Best or The Worst??

When traveling to a place like Monterey Bay, CA most people automatically think….money.  Monterey Bay is considered a very wealthy part of California.  Housing is very expensive, many who live there are retired or entrepreneurs (or so I’ve been told by lifelong Californians).  People I’ve met consider it a big deal to go to Monterey … Continue reading The Best or The Worst??