Taking the Time

It’s quite obvious that I’m not the most dedicated blogger.  When I started this page, it was with the intention of sharing my adventures with cyberspace and putting my words and thoughts out there.  I have done quite a lax job of that since my last post was nearly two years ago.  For reasons unknown … Continue reading Taking the Time

From NC to CA

In 4 days I leave for California.  I’ll be traveling with my 17 year old daughter and I’ve decided that this is the perfect opportunity to get started on my travel blogging.  A journey of picking up our lives for the second time and heading west but instead of Alaska it will be to sun … Continue reading From NC to CA

Pushing forward

It’s been a crazy few months.  I moved back to my hometown to help my mother deal with the death of her father and in the process her husband died.  After that happened, all my plans were changed and everyone’s world sort of turned upside down.  Now that the dust has settled, it’s time to … Continue reading Pushing forward

Total Gratitude

Do you ever have moments when you just want to giggle like a giddy school girl or do those little tiny bounces up and down because you’ve just had the best day or things are just that good?!?  That’s me today. Sometimes, like many of us I’m sure, I find that it’s hard to be … Continue reading Total Gratitude