Obsessed – Day 25 – UPDATE

A few days ago I told you guys that I was struggling with my digestion. In 2008 I was diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome and then again in 2013. I’ve never been a very good follower of doctor’s orders when it comes to my adrenal fatigue or gut healing. Therefore, I have always had bouts of inflammation and continued gastrointestinal problems.

24 days ago I began a new program called 80 Day Obsession which is amazing and, by far, my favorite program to date. It comes with an eating plan that has been really great and when I’m home I actually meal plan, shop and cook daily. Because the plan allows for a lot of carbs, I’ve incorporated them into my diet daily along with many other foods that apparently I should not be eating. My digestion is worse than its been in a very long time. Upon doing some research and diving back into my holistic nutrition school books, I’ve learned much more than I had retained in the past about the long term effects of untreated leaky gut syndrome that I’m fearful of experiencing. You know what they say…we grow/learn at the rate of pain we’re in. Well, I sometimes am a slow learner with a high pain tolerance. Ha!

Starting Saturday, I’ll be changing EVERYTHING about how I eat and beginning the process of healing my guts. This weekend I’ll be posting a blog specifically about leaky gut because its incredible information and I would imagine many people have it but have no idea. Many western medicine doctors typically won’t diagnose it and immediately prescribe pills for digestion issues. Our digestive system is actually quite fascinating.

As for today, I had 3 small meals instead of the 5 I would normally eat and that was a lot. I had an egg and slice of toast (which will become excluded from my diet beginning Saturday), for lunch I had 3 ounces of cheeseburger, a slice of bacon and a cup of tomato bisque soup and for dinner I had pan sautéed shrimp, mashed sweet potatoes (which will also be eliminated) and Brussels sprouts. I also got my 55 minute workout in that was a great total body workout.


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