Obsessed – Day 21 – Rest Day

I almost forgot to blog again!

Today was rest day for me. That meant not actual scheduled workout. I slept in until 7:45, had coffee and read the paper. Then I cooked this amazing French Toast – I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.

Today was a busy day working on my up and coming coffeehouse. My business partner and I scouted places for rent which included a nice walk in Old Colorado City. Then it was home to surf the interwebs and work on the logo, business plan and financials. Guys, we are so close to opening! More on that later.

When my brain began to fry from hours of work, it was time for the jacuzzi!!! Ahhhhhh. My muscles were very happy with me. The heat was amazing! My body is still very fatigued so I’ll begin working on my adrenals as I think they are in turmoil.

Finally, it was dinner and a movie and now off to bed. Tomorrow is back to business as usual. But I am so grateful for a little slow down and some indoor and outdoor relaxation.

~sleep well


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