Obsessed – Day 16 – MUCH BETTER

Today was a substantially better day.  While the timed nutrition was still a struggle because we were driving for over 6 hours, I stayed true to my food plan and stuck to healthy choices, small portions and fueling my body.

The day started with me waking at 6:00, grabbing a quick protein/carb meal (I had no greens to incorporate) and then an hour later, I completely the workout for today. BOOTY DAY! And it was a killer because while the exercises are the same, the format is changing every week and getting much more challenging.  I left the hotel, picked up my new team member from the airport, hit Whole Foods Las Vegas grabbing a coffee and a post workout meal as well as a fresh green juice and hit the road.  On the road I had a couple pieces of jerky, some blueberries and my superfood shake.

I arrived in Phoenix and checked into the hotel and immediately headed to the fitness room to get workout #2 done (my makeup workout from missing yesterday which was total body core and felt like a very long hour).  Then it was off to dinner for another post workout meal and finally a quick run to the store for water and now I’m in bed typing this up.

I’m so excited to be back on track.  I’m more excited to be going home on Friday to a partner who supports my nutrition choices and wants to join in.  That means we will be meal planning for the next 10 days while I’m home and getting some amazing results.  I CANNOT WAIT!

Thank you to those of you following my journey.  My struggle with food is real.  My history with addiction and disorders is real and I fight daily to be the healthiest version of myself that I can be.  Today was a good day with no cravings.  I did feel like crap this morning and I was very full when I woke which was a sure sign that I WAY overdid it yesterday and hopefully a lesson well learned.


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