Obsessed – Day 5


Before I tell you about my leg day, enjoy this featured image of the amazing sunset in San Clemente, CA tonight.  This was my view right before dinner.  I do love this beach.  Now on to my accountability.

I woke up today feeling amazing and so ready to do my workout.  Following my normal pre-workout routine, I hit the hotel gym and got it done.  It seemed like it wasn’t that bad.  I finished my 45 minute leg workout, headed upstairs got ready for work and set out for the long drive to L.A.  It was after that drive that I understood what that workout really did for me.  Guys…..MY LEGS ARE TOAST!  This 80 day program is so fun and the best program I’ve done EVER.  I finally know what it is about this program that excites me.  Every day is filmed live…every day is different and it’s so entertaining to watch them make their mistakes, grumble and groan and listen to them laugh together.  I’ve laughed more in the last 5 days during a workout than I think ever before when I was working out.  That’s magic.

Nutrition started out great but due to having to eat two meals out today, it didn’t end as great.  Pre-workout was as per usual.  Post workout or what ended up being lunch was a cup of soup and a small salad.  Two hours later was my Shakeology and then 4 hours later was dinner which was a bun-less burger (probably ended up being about 5 oz and brussels sprouts as well as a handful of sweet potato fries.  I tried to at least fulfill my greens, carbs and protein BUT the portions were way too big I’m sure.  Unfortunately that is something I’m going to have to deal with and really work at the portion control and choices when eating out.





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