Obsessed – Day 2

Good evening!

Here I am in day 2 of my new program.  Today was booty day for my workout.  THAT was  super fun.  For quite some time now I’ve been all about lifting weights in lieu of cardio because “EWWWWW” cardio!!!!! This workout, so far, has a great combination of both.  Today’s workout was all about building those booty muscles (inside, outside and side-side) and most of it was spent on the floor so my heart rate never really got too high but I FELT the workout using resistance bands.

On to my nutrition for today.

I woke at 6:00 and immediately cooked up some pre-workout breakfast (eggs, toast and spinach).  Around an hour later, I drank my pre-workout energy supplement and got my workout in.  Following my workout was my recover supplement and then off to work.  I packed a cooler filled with all the foods on my meal plan and set out and ate my meals at the designated times I slotted for the day.  I cooked the items I had planned to cook for the day and I ate them.  I ate a little more fat than my plan called for (there was goat cheese on the salad my boyfriend’s mom made for dinner) but apart from that I was pretty on point.  However, yesterday afternoon I found myself quite hungry and had an extra cup of coffee to curb my hunger.

On another note, I’ve tried two new recipes for the past two nights that have been so tasty and so refreshing for us.  That’s probably my favorite part of having a plan is having new things to try and being in the kitchen more.  Crafting meals and plate decoration is so fun for me.  Pictures to come later.

In conclusion, it was day 2, workout 2, I was hungry but I didn’t eat anything that was outside of the allowed foods on my plan and only a slight amount of extra food.

On to day 3 now.


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