How Well Do You Know Your Body?

Today I want to start off by asking you the very general question how well do you know your body?

For a couple of decades now there have been numerous dietary fads. For instance, in the 90’s, everything became low-fat because fat was terrible for you. Then we got into the Adkins diet which was tons of meat, tons of vegetables and very few carbs but few people subscribed to the leaner meats and at loads of bacon. The dietary fads have changed over time. In the past 10 years or so we have seen veganism, vegetarian, pescatarianism, Paleo, ketogenic‘s, and the list goes on. A whole foods lifestyle has become the newest fad which was the original food plan dating back centuries ago. But we’ve changed our diets so much over the years that we’ve done damage to our bodies because we were interrupting the process and flow of natural enzymes and digestion and created an epidemic in this country of all kinds of digestion and endocrine problems. I personally have been diagnosed with adrenal fatique, leaky gut syndrome and metal toxicity. 

So again I say, how well do you know your body? It’s taken me years of holistic practice and naturopathic visits, resulting in thousands of dollars spent because my insurance doesn’t cover alternative medicine, to learn my body and to understand what my body can digest and what it doesn’t digest very well. And the things that my body does not digest very well are a direct result of all the fad diets that I have tried over the years and the stress that I have put on my body and my digestive and endorcine systems. The only way to find out what your body can tolerate is through process of elimination. Are you struggling with digestive problems? Are you tired all the time?  If the answer to either of those questions is yes then it might be time for you to start looking at the elimination process to figure out what is actually triggering your problem.
Are you ready for this challenge?


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