What is Clean Eating?

Good morning.  Have you ever thought about trying clean eating but weren’t really sure what that means?  In this short article, I hope to bring a little more clarity to you about clean eating. The first thing anyone will learn is to buy foods in the whole form.  That’s the starting point for eating clean.  However, it goes a little further than that. Here are 5 points to know about clean eating when making your decision.

  1. If you are like me and you are a meat eater, the cleanest possible meat will be pastured raised chicken, 100% grass-fed beef and pastured raised pigs.  All of these animals will be treated humanely and able to live off the land as they should in their natural habitat.
  2. Let’s talk veggies – I’m a big proponent for organic veggies.  In my experience, organic is proprietary when they have thin skin or no skin (ie; green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, ground plants such as squash and pumpkin, beans and corn) but if they are tree produced and have a thick skin such as avocado it’s, not as big a deal.
  3. Fruit – My views on fruit have changed in the recent past.  It’s nature’s candy and full of sugars.  The best most nutritious fruits to eat are berries.  Bananas, oranges and apples are LOADED with sugar and should only be eaten occasionally.
  4. FATS – Fats are actually really good for you.  But let me be clear that when I say fats, I’m referring to coconut, avocado, cheese that are from grass-fed cows, grass-fed butter, GHEE.  Nuts can be included in this but in very small quantities.
  5. Reading labels – I learned many, many years ago that label reading is crucial for understanding how to eat clean.  I’m avidly opposed to canned fruits and vegetables.  They usually have extra syrups and salt added to them as well as other chemicals for preserving.  Beans are usually ok but still better to buy them raw and cook them yourself.  IF you must eat out of a can, make sure that the can has very few ingredients and sugar MUST be at least the fifth ingredient.

These are but a few of the things to know about clean eating.  I’ll be posting more on this topic all month.  Thanks for checking out my blog!


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