This Is My Year

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  I hope your team wins (whoever that may be).  I usually look so forward to watching it this year, but I have so much amazingness happening in my life that my focus is elsewhere.

For starters, I FINALLY started my own business.  Check it out at (not today please as I’m working on getting some posts up next week).  It’s an online baking business that specializes in European pastries.  And yes, I AM THE BAKER.  This is a dream come true for me and is a stepping stone to my brick and mortar coffee shop coming next year.  I have a wonderful business partner that I work well together and I know in my bones that this is my retirement plan.  I’m still traveling 50% of my time with my fantastic sales job but who doesn’t want a secure future. This is already an intensely wonderful journey that I know will only get better as I continue to learn the ins and outs of running a business.

Next, while I’m baking away, making things I cannot eat (I have a very willing taste tester), I’m also now a Beach Body coach.  This is a new and exciting and scary venture for me.  It touches on many of the vulnerabilities I have and makes me put myself out there (which I’m very slowly beginning to do).  I became a coach in January and I’m just beginning this journey so you’ll get to see my before and after photos as I walk this path.  I’m not a super fit person who is starting out as a coach to show you the end result first.  This will be an US thing.  If you’re interested in my journey, message me here or at and I’ll gladly tell you more.

Finally, I’m still selling Pampered Chef but just not doing in house shows anymore.  I do virtual shows and that’s it.  You can also contact me about this if you’re interested.


I’ve always wanted to be a regular blogger and now is as good a time as any.  You will see regular posts from me regarding my life around getting out of debt through using the Financial Peace University education, my journey of health and physical fitness by way of exercise programs and recipes and updates on my bakery and coffeehouse progress as we continue to prepare for that.

Happy Living!!


2 thoughts on “This Is My Year

  1. Hello Leigh Ann – You certainly have taken on a lot for 2017. I look forward to your online bakery blog. Good luck with the fitness. And virtual hosting of Pampered Chef sounds very do-able. One step at a time…

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