Walking Through the Fear

4 thoughts on “Walking Through the Fear”

  1. Leigh Ann, I’ve known you for a while and what I do know about you is that you don’t make a major changes without much thought and prayer going into it. You have raised a very strong and independent daughter and she will be fine. I completely understand your concerns about leaving her. But remember, with your job you will be able to see quite frequently. I get it when you say that you are much happier in Colorado where there are mountains, the pace of life is slower, and it’s less expensive than California. I also think that the changes of season are nice too. Take care in your next adventure. I look forward to visiting you in your new home of Colorado. Love ya gal.

    1. Aww Linda you’re a wonderful friend. Thank you so much for your words of kindness and encouragement and you’re right about me not making the decision lightly. I look very forward to having you out. I have plenty of room for guests! Love you!

  2. My experience has been, when I follow the intuitive voice from deep within, I can’t go wrong. My head, however …well that is another story…as sometimes, I think my head wants to kill me. Bottom line….there are no mistakes…..many adventures! Enjoy and embrace this amazing new adventure. I love you xo

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