yawn mug

Many people think that the main reason we yawn is because we’re sleepy.  I do yawn when I’m sleepy and of course first thing in the morning, the picture you see above this is definitely true for me.  I am quite quiet until that first cup of coffee runs through my veins.

Another thought about yawning is that someone is bored or anxious.  It’s true, when I’m bored or especially anxious, yawning is a coping mechanism.  There are few things that bring this on, but allow me to name a few for you because I know you’re waiting on bated breath to find out.  The biggest boredom I endure is sports (outside of football) on television.  Next would be waiting on someone or something that’s taking more time than I care to wait.  And finally, reading a boring book but that is necessary for me to read.  Now when it comes to anxiousness, that’s and easy one.  The biggest anxiety I face is my daughter and worrying about her (particularly her safety) and then it’s my job.  I don’t worry losing my job but I do stress if something goes wrong and I have to eat crow to get back in the good graces with a customer.  It rarely happens but it happens.

The final and most common thing that makes me yawn is:

baby yawn

YEP! Another person yawning in front of me.  They are truly contagious.  But who doesn’t love to yawn?  It’s refreshing, relaxing and comforting.

What makes you yawn?



8 thoughts on “Yawn!

  1. Hello Leighannpage,

    I see that you have a more in-depth response to today’s Daily Prompt than mine, well done, I also am not a fan of watching most sports on television (I rather play them); and congratulations on participating in a Daily Prompt. 🙂

    -John Jr

  2. Hey Leigh Ann – I like the post and the leading question. I noticed that when I was in a situation that was uncomfortable or confrontational (or I didn’t want to be a part of), I would yawn. I never knew WHY I did that, but I did notice one day that the two were related. Facing an uncomfortable conversation, at work or at home, YAWN. Weird. Otherwise, I yawn when I’m tired, and when someone else yawns. I don’t think I yawn when I’m bored, but now I’m going to pay more attention.

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