Some Trips are Just Better Than Others

Some trips are just nicer than others.  Several weeks ago I spent Monday through Friday in the Salt Lake City, UT area.  This was my first trip to SLC, outside of airport layovers.  I must say, it was a different environment than I have experienced.

The hotel I stayed in was a Hilton Grand Vacations Resort and as per usual, beyond my expectations in quality. I had a two room suite with a cozy fireplace in the living room, a washer/dryer, full kitchen and a jacuzzi tub that made all my worries and cares float away. Aside from that, the beautiful snow and Christmas cheer made this trip better than most.

Salt Lake is a quirky town that many seem to think would be boring or extreme in the religious push but this was not my finding.  Holistic juice bars like Vive Juicery made my cold go away and plenty of Whole Foods locations to choose from allowed me to buy some groceries for cooking up in that glorious full kitchen. I never knew how much I took cooking for granted and appreciated a home cooked meal until I started my hotel nomad journey and can’t cook very often.

Finally, I want to share that the people were amazing. No matter where I went or who I interacted with, I never encountered anything less than genuine politeness and perpetual kindness. If its a religion act (which is usually where my mind goes after being raised baptist in the south) they certainly know how to act with conviction. I don’t know that I have ever had the pleasure of niceness with such consistency.



4 thoughts on “Some Trips are Just Better Than Others

  1. What a refreshing sounding blog post and nifty use of links. Your hotel looks and sounds like a perfect vacation site. Nice to hear you had such a heart-warming experience and could dispel some myths about the religiosity culture of SLC.

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