What A L.I.F.E.

Life. Is. Fun. Everywhere

I am so incredibly blessed to live a life that allows me to travel. My life consists of the most amazing sights and adventures. I made my way from North Carolina after 30 years of life there, to Alaska for six years and now I “reside” in California.

In my career, I have sat behind a desk for many years and now, for the last three years, I get the privilege of traveling the west coast from Denver to Alaska.  I stay in great hotels, I see the countryside and the best cities and now, I’d like to share some of that with you.

This week, I traveled from Orange County to San Francisco to Central Valley and back to Orange County. It was a long and beautiful (sometimes boring) drive.  I regret not taking many pictures on my way to Monterey because it is one of the more beautiful parts of my drive.  Much of it was spent glancing at the ocean, watching the sun set behind the mountains and the sky glowing like the embers of a long simmering fire.  Waking up in Monterey is one of my favorite places to rise and shine.

Follow that up with a hotel in Emeryville overlooking the San Francisco Bay with the sun beating down on the water.  Then bask in the sight of the city coming to life at night as the bay bridge and skyline light up the world.


My travels to Sacramento and central valley are a little less scenic and the only picture I have for you to see is a glimpse of the Napa Valley hills.  Driving the highways through central valley consists of cow farms (which I find cruel) and lots of flat land.


I hope you find this blog fun.  If you have suggestions or requests of blogs that you’d like to read about regarding my travels, please let me know in the comments.

See you for the next journey.

~Leigh Ann

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