Pushing forward

It’s been a crazy few months.  I moved back to my hometown to help my mother deal with the death of her father and in the process her husband died.  After that happened, all my plans were changed and everyone’s world sort of turned upside down.  Now that the dust has settled, it’s time to push forward.

I’ve done a little traveling since I’ve been here but life is a little too chaotic to blog yet.  I’ll post some fun pics and tales of my travels once I”m settled because…..

In 9 days, I’ll be making the second biggest move of my life from the east coast to California and my 17 year old daughter and I couldn’t be more excited.  Not only will we be in the land of moderate temps and beaches, the lifestyle is so much healthier than the southeastern lifestyle.  Fresh fruits and veggies, lots of outdoor activities and sunshine.  I know there is outdoor activities here, but knowing I was only going to be here a short time, I opted to put my time and energy into being with my mother and didn’t get involved in any way with the goings on in the south.

NOW…I will be in a great environment for cooking “my style” and will be working on new ideas and fun recipes as well as building a new life for myself.  I have hired a trainer and will also be getting in the best shape of my life.  So world, LOOK OUT!!!  I’m ready to start living life!



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