What’s for dinner tonight?  Just as the title says…Alaskan salmon.  I’ll post the fun recipe that I have been using for a little while that my daughter actually likes and hopefully you will all enjoy it. 

I’m so grateful to have been able to leave Alaska with a cooler packed full of meat.  Salmon, halibut (which is now gone *sad face*), dear and my favorite….MOOSE!  YUMMY!!!

Now that I’m blogging again, as I cook each of these sweet meats, I will share the experience with you and hopefully you can take something from it as an idea for one of your own dishes. 

Maybe my culinary future is to cook in my home and share it with you all.  But I’ll tell you a secret…SHHHH…YOU MUST TELL NO ONE….

my dream….is to be a pastry chef with a coffee shop of my very own. 

So…once I’m settled in California…I will begin making fun new creations for that goal.

Uh oh!  Here goes that giddy feeling again!  I LOVE MY LIFE!

Until tonight when I’m actually cooking……HAVE A BLESSED DAY!Image


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