Total Gratitude

Do you ever have moments when you just want to giggle like a giddy school girl or do those little tiny bounces up and down because you’ve just had the best day or things are just that good?!?  That’s me today.

Sometimes, like many of us I’m sure, I find that it’s hard to be happy and grateful for the big things in life, let alone the small things.  And sometimes, I find that I’m overflowing with gratitude.  Well, today is one of those days that just started out with me feeling pretty grateful for the life I have and then… became so amazingly wonderful that I’m brimming with giddy.

On the “just grateful” note…I’ve had a couple of losses in my family lately and so each day that I wake up and feel good…it’s a good day.  I read inspirational readings every morning, I journal every morning (aside from blogging) and I pray to the good Lord above every day and night saying help me be the best person I can be every morning and thank you for a good day every night.  And I mean it!!!  These are things I have been doing for a good long time now, but they seem to mean more and go deeper when things like death happens.

On the “OMG! it just got amazing” note…I have THE BEST job!  My job allows me to travel.  And I LOVE to travel.  Today, I found out that get to go to NYC for a week soon.  I LOVE NYC.  This is one of those “made my whole week” moments in the day.  And I get to do a trade show.  Trad shows are super fun.  Meeting people from all over the world and all walks of life.  I believe that God put me on this Earth to talk to people.  I love sales, mingling, chatting it up and just being personable.  I want to know your story and know you as a person.  Getting to know people is a gift.  Who doesn’t like gifts?

So soon, I’ll have some fun travel blogging and hopefully some beautiful spring pictures for you all to enjoy!!!

Happy Wednesday!



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