Being a Foodie

I love to cook!  For years, I wanted to go to culinary school.  I began a career and had a small child and so that never happened.  HOWEVER, I’ve had some wonderful cooking influences in my life and taught myself a lot.  It’s so fun learning new things and finding great recipes to try and tweak.  I was a freelance writer in Anchorage for and reviewed coffeeshops and restaurants for the state of Alaska.  What a great opportunity to get amazing food (most of the time) and share the experience with others.  That’s how I became a real foodie.  Since then, food has become so fun and interesting to me.

On another note, becoming a foodie also was a direct result of wanting to live a healthier life and learn how to eat whole foods and make them YUMMY!!!  So, as time goes on, I will share some amazing recipes with you and hope that you enjoy them.  And if you have any recipes YOU would like to share, PLEASE DO!!!  I welcome healthy fun foods to try, ALWAYS!

Eat well, live long!



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